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KLEL 1.1.0 Released 2013-02-15 17:36

The latest version of KLEL, 1.1.0, has just been released! It's available for download at its SourceForge site.

This release brings a much cleaner and faster parser, and a more consistent API for developers. The KLEL standard library has been extended with a family of "abort" functions to trigger runtime errors in expressions.

KLEL (pronounced 'kal ell'*), is the KoreLogic Expression Language. It's a small but powerful expression language implemented as a normal C library, and with an emphasis on being easily embedded in larger programs. It's very useful for specifying predicates in programs, or providing a bit of dynamism in configuration files. FTimes, for example, uses it to specify predicates for hook functions in its configuration file.

While the simplicity of its embedding API and usefulness of the lanaguage are probably its most useful features, its most interesting** feature is its type system. Unlike most little expression languages, KLEL is statically and strongly typed, with typechecking performed at compile time. This means that you can be sure your expression is free of a large class of errors before executing it. This is important in forensic situations where you might be running the same expression thousands or millions of times and where you might only get one shot at the data.

KLEL comes with complete documentation and several example programs. As always, if you have any questions, please email libklel-project@korelogic.com.

* resemblance of the name to that of a certain Kryptonian is purely coincidental.

** in my opinion

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