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MASTIFF in KoreLogic Git Repository 2014-03-25 16:03

In order to make new development versions of MASTIFF available to the masses, KoreLogic has put MASTIFF in a GitHub repo. This repository can be accessed at https://github.com/KoreLogicSecurity/mastiff or the repository can be cloned with:
git clone https://github.com/KoreLogicSecurity/mastiff
Release tarballs can be downloaded from GitHub. The code signing key is available here. All releases are PGP-signed using the above project key.

This repository contains branches for public release versions, and the current development code. All git commits are PGP-signed by a key available from MIT PGP keyservers, signed by the above project key.

Please submit comments, feedback, and bug reports to the above contact address, mastiff-project@korelogic.com. Please PGP-encrypt anything sensitive.

Improvements such as new plugins, bug fixes, etc can be submitted in multiple ways:
  1. Obtain the source code:
    • from a release tarball,
    • or by cloning the git repository;
  2. Create and send us changes:
    • create a patch using diff -urP, git format-patch, etc, and email the patch to mastiff-project@korelogic.com, or
    • put your modified code in a git repository that we can access (such as GitHub, your own server, etc), and send us a pull request.
Please PGP sign all patches and correspondence if possible.

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