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MASTIFF Updates and Git SSL Issue 2014-04-17 01:50

Over the last few weeks, a number of updates have been pushed to the dev version of MASTIFF located in the Git repository. One of these updates is a major change to the analysis plug-in architecture.

The updates are described below.


A number of MASTIFF updates have been added to the code; most of which are bug fixes or minor modifications. However, a large change was recently made to the way the framework installs and finds analysis plug-ins.

Previously, after installation, the user would need to set the plugin_dir configuration option to point to the directory containing the analysis plug-ins. If they did not, MASTIFF would not know where the analysis plug-ins were and would not provide any analysis until the option was set correctly. This was a point of confusion for a number of new users.

This has been changed. Now, analysis plug-ins are installed with the framework and will automatically be found. In other words, after you type make install, MASTIFF know where the analysis plug-ins are and will start providing analysis right away.

The plugin_dir option still exists and can be used to point to your own analysis plug-ins that are not included with the base installation.

As always, if you have any patches, updates, or plug-ins you want included in the framework, please submit them to mastiff-project@korelogic.com.

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