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The WebJob Framework: An Endpoint Security Solution 2015-06-10 17:30

The WebJob framework is a next generation endpoint security solution that, from a centralized management location, can execute virtually any program on an arbitrary number of end systems at any time. This framework has been deployed in a number of production environments including the Federal government and Fortune 500 businesses to perform various activities such as evidence collection, enterprise searches, incident response, live forensics, system management and monitoring, and grid computing.

The WebJob framework is an open source client-server solution that acts as a force multiplier for anyone who needs to automate various tasks or work on an enterprise scale. It does this by enabling engineers to run arbitrary programs and/or scripts on a wide array of operating systems (e.g., UNIX®, Linux®, Mac OS®, Windows®, Android®, etc.). The results, if any, can be aggregated and collated on the WebJob server where they can be operated on in bulk. With the flexibility that the framework provides, administrators who are inclined to write their own scripts can achive a high level of automation and efficiencies of scale. With the WebJob framework, you can effectively do more with less.

Please click the link below to read more about how the framework could be the next generation endpoint security solution for you.

The WebJob Framework: A Generic, Extensible, and Scalable Endpoint Security Solution

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