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LibPathWell 0.6.3 Released 2015-10-01 15:45

I am pleased to announce that a new release of the Password Topology Histogram Wear-Leveling (PathWell) library and PAM module for dynamic password-strength enforcement is now available for download here.

Version 0.6.3 is an update release of PathWell. Generally, code was cleaned up and refined as necessary. The API remains unchanged, but the library did get a revision bump -- the new version is 1:1:0. The primary goals of this release were to work out the build issues previously encountered for some flavors of Linux and to extend configure/build support to MinGW/MSYS build environments. And while the library along with the associated command line utilities compile cleanly and pass all their unit tests under Windows, setting up that build environment and getting the various dependencies (e.g., GMP, PCRE, SQLite, etc.) to compile involves a number of steps, a few hurdles, and fair amount of determination, so be prepared if you decide to venture down that road. Perhaps that will be the topic of a future blog post. Who knows? ...

Anyway, this will likely be our last release for the 0.6.0 branch as our attention has shifted to the 0.7.0 release, which includes new features and tools. More on that to follow in the coming days, so stay tuned ...

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