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FTimes 3.12.0 Released 2019-03-15 17:00

Version 3.12.0 is a minor release of FTimes. Basically, the various changes, enhancements, additions, and bug fixes that have accumulated over the past few years reached critical mass. Some of the noteworthy changes include: a new option for depth-limited mapping/digging, additional encoding/decoding/transformer options/functionality, and support for a number of additional file systems (APFS, AUTOFS, JFFS2, OVERLAYFS, SMB2, UBIFS). Additionally, two new tools, ftimes-srm and ftimes-xpatool, have been added to the project. Finally, this is likely to be the last release in the 3.X branch. Going forward, the project will be setting up a new public-facing code repository (SF discontinued CVS support late in 2017), and all new effort will focus on the 4.X branch.

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